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Advanced Real Estate Search

Real Estate Search. There are two ways to handle a Real Estate Search.

1st, have your Real Estate Broker handle your Real Estate search and send you listings that are applicable to your needs and loan type. This is the preferred method to Brokers. More experienced Buyers prefer to have a professional search for them.

2nd, you can try to search MLS on your own. Some Buyers prefer to do this, because they don’t want to “bother” anyone. They might not even be sure if they are even qualified to make a purchase, so they hesitate to involve a professional. A Real Estate Broker can determine which lender is most appropriate for your situation, and set up a meeting with a lender who is best at handling your particular issues.

Real Estate Brokers at Landline prefer to search on behalf of Buyers. The reason is that we have direct access to the MLS. This enables us to be very specific about what you are looking for. It also enables us to set up an account for our clients and automatically email them of the results anytime something new hits the market. It really is a pretty awesome system to easily handle a real estate search. Contact one of our Real Estate Brokers today!

Further, if you are looking for yourself, by yourself, we might not even know you are in the market! Smart Brokers do more than just search the MLS for your purchase. We go to MLS meetings and can pitch to fellow Brokers what you are looking for. Additionally, we can tell other Brokers at Landline what you are looking for, and search For Sale By Owners. Most importantly, we might have something coming down the pipeline that could be perfect for you!

Brokers at Landline are not bothered if it turns out you are not qualified at this time, we will get you started on a path that will lead you to a purchase, that is truly part of the enjoyment of being in the Real Estate Business.

Let us help you in your Real Estate search. Don’t try to do it alone, let us guide you through from start to finish. It will make for a much more enjoyable experience for you.