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“I do not consider myself as a salesperson, but rather, a consultant who has the resources and experience to arm our clients with information to make confident and informed decisions.”  

“I love Real Estate and it’s unique challenges, and I want my clients to feel the same way.”

Kim Knox

Kim Knox, Principal Broker

Kim has had a lifetime of Real Estate experience as her dad was also a Principal Broker.  He started Landline Real Estate in the 80’s and Kim joined him as a partner in 2000.  Kim’s background was at a high tech company.  Her corporate background has instilled a disciplined work ethic and style.  When her dad approached her about a partnership at a real estate company, she surprised everyone by saying yes.  She will be the first to tell you she did not picture herself as a salesperson.  In fact, today, she would say the same thing.

Kim loves real estate and how interesting and dynamic it is.  She views being a Realtor as someone who provides information enough for someone to make a decision.  She calls her sales style “high on information, low on pressure.”  She views herself as a resource and will dig up any information her clients need to be comfortable moving forward.  Actually she digs up any information she would want if she was buying a home or piece of land.  She fancies herself as a bit of a detective, and treats every purchase as though it was her own.

She takes pride in making difficult transactions look easy, and making her clients feel comfortable.  She enjoys finding solutions, overcoming obstacles, and closing sales.  Kim is well connected, and has Real Estate relationships all over the United States.  She has local lenders, escrow officers, inspectors, attorneys, accountants, and tradespeople that she has grown to rely on to help her clients through their contingencies of sale.

Kim is definitely an advocate for investing in real estate, and she is CRAZY about Southern Oregon, just loves the area where she was raised.  She will talk to strangers and help them understand the financial and personal advantages of buying a home.

She is a marketer and is technically oriented.  In fact, internet marketing is fun for Kim.  She likes cutting edge marketing ideas and tactics, and is often trying new techniques to engage potential Buyers and Sellers.  Kim can build a website, blogs, broadcasts, posts, shares, and tweets.  She can produce any promotional material needed for any home or property they are marketing.  She is computer savvy and has built countless websites putting Landline Real Estate at the top of Google and bringing needed attention to her services, listings, and opportunities.

Kim instinctively understands real estate transactions and people and their reactions.  She is a tough negotiator because she does not make it easy to say no.  She arms herself with information and is always prepared for the expected arguments.

When the market shifts, Kim has no problem shifting with it.  Kim will be the first to admit that she prefers an easy sale over a difficult one.  However, she is proud to be fluent in short sales and tactics to get approvals, bank owned foreclosure listings and purchases, auctions and sheriff sales.  Kim has learned that she will always do fine in Real Estate because she has no problem adapting to new transaction types and processes.  

Kim’s mobile number is: 541-890-7101.   

Chris really enjoys marketing and selling Real Estate for a living.  He has a natural aptitude for it, in part because of his background as a contractor and investor.  It was during the time he was flipping houses that he decided to obtain his Real Estate Broker License.  He was drawn to the many opportunities that Real Estate offers, and knew he could be useful to Buyers and Sellers.

He has a keen sense for numbers, and is actively reviewing the market for his clients to help them make important decisions.  He can be relied on for solid advice, honest and reliable valuations, and an even temperament.  He handles stressful situation without a hint of discomfort.

He is a exceptional negotiator because he knows values, has an unbelievable memory for details, and is familiar with many of the active listings and sold listings on the market.

He is trusted by many banks and Asset Managers to sell their (REO) foreclosure assets.  He evaluates the asset to establish listing the price, recommends improvements to increase their bottom line.  He facilitates the vacancy date with the occupant after notifying them that the bank is the owner.  He then coordinates the construction work, property preservation, and updates the Asset Managers with showing and transaction activity.

His unique experience with listing and managing REO properties for corporate clients has made him indispensable as a Realtor.  This demanding and high pressure client type has elevated Chris’s value and sharpened his skillset.  Chris can be counted on in handling transactions from cradle to grave.

Private party lenders who have to take a property back to liquidate hire Chris as their Realtor.  They often do not know what to do, and Chris helps guide them through the process with their attorney.  Probate and Estate attorneys, trustees and personal representatives also appreciate a Realtor with his resume.

Chris leads the Independent Broker group of Jackson County Oregon, and is actively involved in the Rogue Valley Association of Realtors.

Chris holds a degree in Marketing, is he a graduate of Oregon State University.  After serving the required time as a Broker, he obtained his Principal Broker license and later became a Certified Distressed Property Expert.

One of the things that has aided Chris is being so productive is his unwavering work ethic

Call or text Chris to set up an appointment.  He and his wife Kim work together as a team, so they can generally accommodate same day appointments. 

His mobile number is: 541-840-3804

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