Buyer Representation

When you are considering a home purchase, it is smart to enlist the help of a licensed Buyer’s Agent. Many Buyers are not aware that they can get professional representation, and the Seller pays for it!

If you are ready to Buy, we want to help.

Our goal is to make your transition feel easy.

Landline Realtors can help with:

Establishing if you are a candidate to buy
Determining what type of purchase is likely
Providing an expectation of the process of buying
Introducing you to a Lender that can help with your specific financial situation
Finding homes that will work with your desired loan or cash purchase
Showing you homes that could work for you
Helping you determine inspection costs that will be applicable
Evaluate market value on a purchase that interests you
Gaging opportunities and risk levels
Prepare an offer
Contract negotiations
Facilitating inspections, due diligence, and the closing
Working with escrow to confirm clear title
Communicating with the Lender and Buyer to make sure all is progressing
Hire Us!

Why Hire Us!

Above all, we care about our Clients success.
We are full time Realtors, paying full time attention to the market.
We work hard and we work smart. We are resourceful and experienced.
We understand the urgency of getting a Buyer into a new listing.
We are a local company, with established local connections.
We are a second generation, family owned company, with a stellar reputation.
We help our client with the many details involved in a successful real estate transaction.
We solve problems. Obstacles often have a solution that can keep a sale alive.
We have an exceptional understanding of what is needed from us.
We can think outside of the box.
We are familiar with lending, appraisal and the legal concerns within the real estate industry.
We keep up-to-date on market trends, as well as the tax issues that can impact sales.
We take continuing education seriously, and enjoy being part of such an interesting business.

Considering Buying? We offer a free phone consultation to help you get started.

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